Programs - Peewee (U13)

This camp is all about 3on3, 4on4 and 5on5 game play scrimmages. Get back your hand-eye co-ordination, timing and conditioning. Format will be 5-10 min warm up & 60 min intersquad scrimmage. 
 Max 24 skaters + 3 goalies.

Instructor: Logan Vanderham

1 Player spot available

22 11:30-12:45pm Servus
23 11:30-12:45pm Servus
26 7:45-9:00pm Penhold
29 11:30-12:45 pm KCA

$129 + GST

PeeWee (U13) Defenseman Camp

Defensive ABC's
  Angling (skating and gap control)
  Body Positioning (defensive side awareness)
  Checking (stick position and intro to contact)
Offensive Tactics
  Joining the rush (entering the offensive zone)
  Blue line play (creating offence and puck keep ins)
  Creating shooting lanes (shot variety)
• Position Specific Skills
  Escape moves and breakout plays
  Regroups and transitions
  D-partner support and communication
Small Area Games
  Transitional play
  Change of possession
  Creating offence from defense

12 hrs on-ice instruction 
*8x1.25 hours development
4 hrs of strength training + conditioning

Head Instruct : Chris Fuss

"Defensemen are required to be more versatile than ever before. We will work to solidify your defensive play while becoming an offensive threat."


Aug 10-14, 2020

Aug 10-13
4:45 - 9:00 pm
Aug 14th 6:15 - 9:00 pm
Penhold Multiplex



Aug 4-8, 2020

Aug 4-7
4:45 - 9:00 pm
Penhold Multiplex
Aug 8th
11:30-2:15 pm
Kinsmen Twin Arena A

$425+ gst



PeeWee (U13) Hockey Camp

Skating drills and puck skills. Get ready for the upcoming season!
Includes 6.25 hours of on-ice instruction, and camp memento.
Instructor: TBA


August 17-21, 2020
Kinsmen Twin Arena
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm


PeeWee Offensive Skills Camp 

Shooting ABC's
   Accuracy (shooting through screens)
   Balance (shooting under pressure, one-timers)
   Coordination (shooting variety,angles, release points)
Creating Time & Space
   Finding open ice    Puck patience      Give & go's
Offensive Zone Entries
   Scoring off the rush       Middle lane drives & options
   Net drives
Small Area Games
   Learn to score under pressure      Goal scoring games
   Transitional play

          "We don't just teach you how to shoot,
                   we teach you how to score!"

Session #1
 Aug 10-14, 2020
6:15 - 7:30 pm
Penhold Multiplex

 Session #2
Aug 4 - Aug
6:15 - 7:30 pm
Penhold Multiplex
Aug 8th 11:30-12:45 pm KCA

$219 + gst


7 hrs on-ice instruction
*including 4x1.25 hours developments

Head Instruct : Chris Fuss


PeeWee (U13) High Intensity Program
High Intensity camps are for those elite level players endeavoring to play PeeWee A and AA.

Dryland: Eight 1 Hour Sessions
Ice: Eight 1.25 hour sessions

Head Instructor: Joe Bouvier


 Aug 11, 2020 (tentative)

Schedule posted on High Intensity Page.

$359 +gst

During Thrive Hockey Schools players are grouped by age and are instructed on the ice in groups designed to maximize the instructor to player ratio and ensure each player receives individual instruction and individual assessment during the course of their training.

Quality instruction and low instructor to student ratios guarantee performance results. It is our aim to help each player, both on and off the ice, strive to reach their goals and become better players.

Our Approach empowers players by providing opportunities for each player to excel at their level of sport in a positive environment that promotes individual and team success, leadership, sportsmanship, and fun!


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